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Sell T-Shirts on WordPress. New Woocommerce App


How can a blog or website make money outside of the most common advertising, affiliate, and e-commerce streams? An answer is print on demand services like Printaura who now offers an t-shirt fulfillment app that integrates with WooCommerce, a toolkit that lets you turn any existing WordPress site into a full fledged e-commerce site for free.

The Printaura t-shirt fulfillment app let’s you add products to your Woocommerce store quickly and easily. When one of your customers orders a product on your WordPress website the order details are automatically sent to Printaura, who prints and ships the product under your brand. Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days featuring your return label address on the outside of the package along with a packing insert that can feature your logo and brand messaging. For extra branding Printaura also offers label application on the inside neck of the garments. Your customers receive the custom printed products that appear to have been fulfilled by your company.

The Printaura Woocommerce app allows any WordPress website owner to start offering custom branded t-shirts and garments with non-existent upfront risk, as there are no upfront costs, no membership fees, and no order minimums required. A full spectrum of high quality t-shirts and products are available, so you can offer brands such as Gildan, Next Level, American Apparel, and other standards of quality your customers expect. The possibilities for product customization are flexible and greater, subject to fewer limitations. Print on demand services like Printaura use direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, a solution that increases creative possibilities by removing any color restrictions and allowing for print on lights and darks. Integrity is maintained to your brand with effortless ease and through a fully automated solution. Payment is automatically processed, and only when your customers place an order in real time.

This is a fully white-label, drop shipped solution providing the ability to offer many branded products on demand as an ancillary revenue stream to the WordPress website who has always wanted to offer apparel and branded products but didn’t want to deal with inventory and logistics. It is an additional fully automated, impact free revenue stream: You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If you’re a blog, you can sell t-shirts to help create brand identification and loyalty amongst your readers. Offering t-shirts also provides the meta-benefit of free advertising that your loyal readers are happy to provide, as for them it is a symbol of social and cultural capital, and exclusivity. It allows your blog to have an effortless way of producing revenue and allows you to focus on what you do best.

The world’s most universal website management tool just met the world’s most effortless garment and product creation tool. May your visitors reap the value and may you reap the reward!

Learn more about our Woocoomerce T-Shirt Fulfillment App

Print Aura is a leading print on demand company for t-shirt fulfillment who works with large and small t-shirt companies to print and ship high quality t-shirts under their brand.

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