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Introducing: New Cell Phone Cases!

New cell phone cases

Fantastic News!

We are excited to offer some of the highest quality cell phone cases on the market, paired with an industry leading 3D printing process. From corner to corner, and edge to edge, our seamless in-surface printing technology leaves no outer surface untouched. Bright, colorful inks are embedded deeply into the surface of the case underneath a clear protective finish, so that your case will look fresh and new as long as you have it. These phone cases will outlast your phone! Available in five different styles, our cases are durable as well as fade and scratch resistant.

Our new cases are made of space-grade plastics (seriously .. they use this stuff on space shuttles). The cases are coated with highly-scratch resistant finishes that protect against wear and tear and scratching.

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  • High-Resolution case decoration (300+ DPI print quality)
  • 100% of outer case surface is fully decorated
  • Lifetime Warranty covers defects/product failure
  • 3-Point Quality Inspection Process
  • Created with industry-leading 3D decoration systems, consumables, and processes
  • Rich, vibrant colors embedded deeply into the surface of the case
  • Protective finish resists scratches and prevents image from fading, rubbing off, or blurring
  • Made from lightweight, durable space-grade polymers


A Case For Everyone

We are proud to offer not just one, not two, but five new cases for you to choose from! We have carefully included a variety of stylish options that we are confident will accommodate everyone's needs.

The Snap Case

Simple yet sturdy, the snap case provides quick and easy protection and total personalization!

snap case

The Clear Case

A clear version of the snap case. The clear case creates a unique transparent look to your artwork.

iphone 6 plus clear case

The Tough Case

This case offers superior protection. Each case includes a flexible rubberized liner to provide an extra layer of protection.

Tough Case

The Bakpak Case

This case not only features excellent protection, it also features a sliding back door where you an keep a credit card or a key.


The Folio Case

This case doubles as a wallet! It features a luxurious exterior with 2 card holders, a place for cash, and a secure place to keep a phone .

Folio Back

Folio Front

Folio inside

New Printing Process

We are not just excited about our new, higher quality, more stylish cases. We are super excited about our new printing process that will yield higher quality prints. The matte cases are vivid and true to color, and gloss cases are out of this world!

Our new cases are printed using 3D dye sublimation. Each case is vacuum formed to the printing equipment. Your artwork will be printed on a transfer film (not paper) using high quality specialized inks. The printing system heats up the case and the film is overlaid onto it. The vacuum sucks the film down around the edges of the case. The extreme heat converts the ink to gas and that passes into the surface of the case.


Our new matte case option features a flat and soft finish. The colors are just as vibrant, but the case is reflection free! The gloss finish provides a shiny and glossy case with vivid colors.

matte vs gloss

Add A Case Today!

Check out our new custom cellphone case page You'll find the phone models we offer the cases for, pricing, print examples, templates, and mockup files. Here's a little inside scoop ... the iPhone 7 cases will be making their debut soon as well!

Add your artwork to one (or all) of our cases and start selling them today!

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