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How to Setup Shipping on Shopify

Below is some information on how you can setup shipping rates in your Shopify account. First, please read Shopify's shipping guide strategies. Shopify has a note on that page which is "Charging the exact rate is tricky. You will win on some orders and lose on others. Over estimate by 10% and continuously adjust, adjust and adjust."  This is true, it will be difficult to charge your customers the same amount that Printaura charges you. Setting up shipping can take some time but it isn't too hard.

Our recommendation calculate shipping prices based on the total amount of your order. This will be fairly accurate when setup correctly with the exception of sweatshirts which do cost a few more dollars to ship using the Printaura service. The reason is you can't setup different shipping amounts for different products like t-shirts vs. sweatshirts, is that all shipping is the same no matter what type of product on Shopify. The other option is to estimate the price of shipping and include it in the sale price of your products but we don't have a guide for calculating what that might be yet.

Below is an screenshot of how you can setup shipping for your Shopify account using price groups. Printaura currently has three types of shipping costs based on where the products are going to be shipped. These include United States, Canada and International (Everywhere else). You can read more about our current shipping prices. The idea is to create tiered price groups for each of these three areas based on the total price of the order.  The tiers will be for a dollar amount but should really represent how many products are in the customers shopping cart. So the first price group at say $0.00-$25.00 assumes someone is buying one t-shirt and if they add a second t-shirt they should pay the amount in the next price bracket which in the example is $25.01-$40.00.  You may have to play around with thee numbers because it depends on how much you are charging per shirt. There will be a big difference for someone who is charging $17.00 per shirt vs. $35.00 per shirt because you want to make sure each group is priced in a way that if a customer adds one more item to their cart they will pay the next shipping group amount.

1. United States - There is already a group in Shopify by default for the United States. You can keep this group. However, please know that it includes a few other countries like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, and Virgin Islands which aren't US states and on Printaura's end will be classified as international shipping. So you can either uncheck those areas so they aren't available shipping options which may mean there will be a few people who can't buy your products OR you can adjust those prices for those specific places in the US category to use the same price as the international category. A is bit of a pain to set those separately within United States but there isn't another easy option the way Shopify has classified those countries.

2. Canada - You will need to select "Add Country" to configure shipping separately for Canada otherwise it will probably be included in the "International" setting on Shopify. You can determine prices using our shipping prices and the price of your products when setting these up.

3. Everywhere else (International) - Leave this category if you want to let folks who are outside of United States, Canada, and those US territories mentioned above to order products from you. Follow the same instructions as above to create shipping priced groups that represent one item in the cart so when an additional item is added to the cart then they have to pay more shipping.

Here is an example table (Sorry Canada doesn't show here)

Shopify shipping rates

As far as actually creating these groups you can check out the guide to setting up the shipping rates for your store. If you have tried to setup your shipping and still have questions feel free to contact us.