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Etsy allows the artisanal dream to survive and thrive. Because of their dedication to items that are unique, distinct, and highly crafted, Etsy is a great marketplace to present your works of art to the world and be found and supported. And because of recent changes to Etsy’s rules, it has never been easier for any seller to leverage the Etsy platform to sell branded apparel and merchandise. Etsy is all about the uniqueness of the products you create, so the core competency that Print Aura frees you up to design amazing t-shirts. Here’s how you can do it.

Add the Print Aura Etsy app for instant print on demand fulfillment of t-shirts and more. The app is FREE and you only pay for orders when customers purchase your products. Our Etsy app has 100% t-shirt fulfillment integration. You just have to install the app, create products, and get sales and we take care of all the rest! Get setup in just a few minutes today and start selling t-shirts. Register with Print Aura to start building your brand.

The term 'Etsy' is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc. To use this integration YOU MUST receive approval from Etsy for Outside Manufacturing with Print Aura. This process may take a few weeks to a month. Not all applicants receive approval to use our service with Etsy.

  • Orders automatically sent to Print Aura

  • Ethical Print Company

  • Amazing Customer Service

  • No Order Minimums

  • High Quality Print and Products

  • Printed/Shipped under YOUR BRAND

Your Brand is Important! High Quality Full Color T-Shirt Printing - No Minimums!

We use top of the line Kornit printers that can print the full CMYK spectrum of colors on both light and dark garments. Lots of options for extra branding of your products including your business name on the outside of the package, your logo and custom message on the packing slip as well as a premium neck label application service.


How start using our Etsy t-shirt fulfillment app

Only pay for orders sent to Print Aura

With Print Aura, there are no minimums, high quality direct to garment printing and tons of branding options.

Etsy Guidelines for Outside Manufacturing

Create your store's description and be transparent

This is where being intentional matters when building your store on the Etsy platform. Etsy maintains that the most important things when using an outside manufacturer are the demonstration of Authorship, Responsibility, and Transparency.

The authorship component is clear: The designs are 100% yours and you own them. They are your product, and what is selling your product. In fact, this is just a slightly different application of the idea of something being handcrafted: Even though you didn't lovingly and painstakingly screen or press each garment yourself, the handcrafted element resides more in the process of design and manifesting your creativity. Isn't sharing your creativity what matters? Compete on customer service and design originality, two things only you can do the way you do, instead of production processes anyone can do.

The responsibility component is clear as well, on both ends. On your end, you know that you are being responsible in selecting a manufacturer you can trust in ensuring a great customer experience.Print Aura is being responsible by creating that very customer experience in a quality, seamless, impeccable fashion. You are also being responsible by knowing that Print Aura conforms to every standard of ethics as Etsy defines it

The transparency factor, is up to you. It is up to you to present how your products are being manufactured, and to produce an excellent customer experience on the front end that is transparent regarding the processes. You have to be the one to let your customers know what you'redoing and how you're doing it.

Know your manufacturer

Is Print Aura an ethical company?
YES. Print Aura is 100% ethical and upholds the highest standards of integrity within our internal operations as well as in fulfillment on behalf of clients. We inherently must uphold a higher standard of conduct, as we are a branded fulfillment service and are the ones delivering the consumer's customer experience as our product itself. Other people are relying on us to make their customers happy, so we certainly need to be on point in our delivery of quality, impeccability, and value. And as a result, we stand firmly behind our product and product quality, which in this case is the delivery of a service. A service that can help you scale your operations without having to ever make more shipping trips, having to rent inventory space and buy inventory, or any of the other logistical concerns associated with growing a thriving t-shirt and apparel business. What the cloud does for computing, we do for t-shirt businesses. That said, beyond the strict adherence to standards of quality with regard to delivery of our service, there are a number of other ways Print Aura is an ethical company, by Etsy's own definition

About our Products
  • All of our apparel is printed and shipped from the U.S., creating and maintaining U.S. jobs
  • Garments are sourced from reputable brands and are manufactured within CPSIA requirements and all the brands have supplied our garment distributors safety and fair labor statements. Included here are links to the brands we use with information on their social responsibility/environmental practices for brands including American Apparel, Gildan, Alternative Apparel, Anvil, Bella/Canvas.

  • Our Technology
  • Our Direct To Garment (DTG) printing technology uses water based, pigmented inks that are naturally sourced and environmentally friendly. Read more about Direct to Garment printing methods.

  • Our People
  • There is absolutely no child or involuntary labor involved with any aspect of Print Aura
  • Our working conditions, from our headquarters to our printing and shipping facilities, are quite pleasing to everyone involved. The working conditions are safe and hospitable, and offer fair wages to those involved.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to discrimination, racism, etc. In fact, one of the rare restrictions we maintain with our clients on printing products relates to not being able to print anything that is racist or discriminatory.

  • Our Facility
  • We are all about sustainability.  We are consolidating the logistical process that is essentially the same across many t-shirt and apparel companies and doing it all so that it doesn't have to be done individually. Think of all the air that was spared from all those repeated, excessive trips to the post office, how we save the time and gas spent carting around inventory, how we eliminate the need for warehouses and storage facilities. We are trying to streamline the process so that more people may engage in it in a net low impact manner.
  • Print Aura is headquartered in central New York. We print and ship all of our products in an ISO 9002 facility. Your orders are touched by about 8-12 talented people who are involved in reviewing orders, ordering blank products, printing the products, reviewing products for quality, and of course packaging and shipping products under your brand.


We hope this illustrates our dedication to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We also remind you, dear Etsy seller, of the three principles of selling using a manufacturer on Etsy: Authorship, responsibility, and transparency. Authorship is clear as the designs are yours, responsibility is clear as we are a partner you can trust to provide a great customer experience. But transparency is up to you on the front end; ultimately it is you who has to let your customers know how you're doing what you're doing.

Facility Photos For Use On Your Application

Print Aura NY Factory

New York Facility

Get approval to use outside manufacturing and start selling products!

As mentioned, Print Aura abides by every standard of ethical practices for suppliers and outside manufacturers, so going through this step will pose no challenge. Print Aura stands by its product, its process, and its people, and is committed to the integrity of product quality and the customer experience such that we are delivering that on demand for others. So don't wait to start sharing with the world the creative spirit that is within you. Use a platform that is perfect for displaying all things uniquely you, in a way that allows you to focus on the 'things uniquely you' part.

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