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T-Shirt Mockup Templates

Mockup Templates



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About Templates

Below are some mockup files to help you create mockups with your designs. Add your designs to the mockups to be able to add them to your store so your customers know what they are buying. Mockups also help Print Aura know exactly where you want your t-shirt design printed on the shirt so we highly recommend submitting mockups with your orders. You can check out these examples we have listed below.

Print Aura members are granted a license and able to use our mockup files on your website and when submitting orders through our service.
Legal Notice: Use of our images for anything other than the Print Aura service is prohibited without written permission. These zips and files may not be distributed on the web and made available for download on other websites.  


How do I create mockups?

Assuming you found the blank t-shirt image and you have your t-shirt design ready you can get started on creating your mockups. There are a variety of ways to make your design look good on a t-shirt image.

A realistic mockup along with changing the color of the t-shirt.

A guide for placing your image and making it look realistic.