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Etsy Update: Print Aura Is Now An Approved Manufacturer!


What Happened With Etsy?

Etsy recently changed the way they allow it's sellers to work with outside manufacturers. Members used to have to go through an application process to get approved to use an outside manufacturer. There were many issues with this process. Guidelines were unclear, and it seemed that people applying to use same manufacturer would have inconsistent results. In other words, some members who applied for approval to use Printaura as an outside manufacturer would get accepted, and some would get declined, all while using similar information. This issue was not specific to Printaura.

We were very excited to see a change in the process, however we experienced some issues. In the change over, Printaura got lost in the shuffle and was unable to become an approved manufacturer due to some misinformation about outsourcing.

We Made It!

Printaura is now an Etsy Approved Manufacturer!

After a lot of back and forth and perseverance, we were finally able to acheive what seemed impossible! What started out as a struggle turned into something very exciting and beneficial for our members. We are so excited to be back and official with the Etsy Platform!

For more information about the new process, check out Etsy's Outside Manufacturing Guide.
You can also check the Printaura Manufacturer Profile.

What Does This Mean For You?

Getting approved is now easier than ever. If you were previously stuck in the approval process, or were declined, you no longer have to apply for outside manufacturing. You can now simply select Printaura as your outside manufacturer!

The Future

We are currently working on making our Etsy integration easier to use than ever. Now that we are available to select as an approved manufacturer, you no longer have to go through the lengthy application process. We will have an updated process for the integration soon considering the new great news! Stay tuned!

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