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New Next Level Hoody Video Reviews

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New Next Level Hoody Video Reviews

We are happy to present our new installments of our product 360 video series! All three of these hoodies are Next Level unisex hoodies. We currently have them being modeled by a woman, but we are working on a men's version after receiving some feedback from you guys! It only makes sense considering they are unisex. All of these hoodies are between a light and light/medium weight. Each has its own unique features and details. Each video features a live view of each of the hoodies, along with a short review of product. We will have men's versions coming soon. We hope these videos are helpful for you guys. Enjoy!

Next Level Sueded Full-Zip Hoody

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This is a nice basic, light hoody. The zipper works smoothly and fit is comfy. The term "sueded" is being used quite looseky by Next Level in my opinion. Suede is generally a soft leather with a rough finish. This hoody has a nice soft but slightly textured feel to it. The texture is unique, but I would not call it "suede".

Next Level Tri-Blend Hoody

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This hoodie is the lightest of the three. It would be great for layering or wearing on it's own on milder weather days. It feels more like like a long sleeve hooded shirt than a sweatshirt.

Next Level French Terry Pullover Hoody

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This is my favorite hoody of the bunch. It is made up of 60% cotton and 40% fleece, which makes it extra comfy! It is also the thickest and warmest of the three hoodies reviewed here. I love the contrasting color details and the way this one fits.

Want More?

What products do you want to see reviewed on video? Let us know! We are happy to make these kinds of videos for you guys. We have already received some feedback about getting some men's reviews up. We hear you guys and are working on it! Men's 360 of these hoodies coming soon!


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