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Dose of Inspiration: 12 Creative Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

Dose part 4 - home office ideas

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Welcome to our month long blog series, “Dose of Inspiration”. There will be a new blog every week full of ideas and images meant to inspire you and ignite your passion for what you do!

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This weeks blog will mark the end of our Dose of Inspiration blog series. This week we are going to talk about creative home office ideas for small spaces!

Dose of Inspiration: Part 4
12 creative home office ideas for small spaces

Many entrepreneurs either work from home all day, or have to work on their business during off hours from their day jobs in their home. Working from home comes with it's own set of challenges. It can be hard to focus and be productive. If you are struggling with being productive at work, check out our blog: 15 Tips For Being More Productive While Working From Home.

Having a separate work space at home can be a huge factor in how easy it is to focus and get work done at home. Having a room or a space that is set aside just for "work" can help you feel like you have a functional office space separate from your home life. Like wise, having that separate work space can help you relax at home when you aren't working. Being able to compartmentalize work and home life can do a lot for productivity and happiness at home!

Most of us don't have an extra room laying around to turn into an office space. If you do, awesome! You are one lucky duck. For the rest of us, creating an office space can take a little more spatial creativity.

Check out these awesomely creative home office ideas for small spaces.

1. The Corner Office

Adding a small desk and shelves next to a window can create a bright and fun work space. Plants can be a healthy, happy, colorful addition to any space.

Design Sponge 2a
Via Design Sponge

2. Fun and Personalized

This little space was turned into a fun work space chalk full of personality! A personalized space full of imagery that inspires you can help keep you focused and motivated.

Design Sponge 1
Via Design Sponge

3. Colorful Closet Work Space

This small closet was turned into a colorful creative space. Even tiny closets can be converted into an easily separated work space.

Via Adrienne Breaux

4. One Wall Office

This office space is as simple as a wall, a desk, and a chair. A creative vision board is added to help keep focus and provide inspiration.

Bethany Nauret
Via Bethany Nauert

5. Kitchen Corner Office

This person turned some unused kitchen space into a cute little work space.

real simple
Via Real Simple

6. Wall Mounted Desk

Wall mounted desks can create a great work space with a small amount of space. While most of us don't have an extra room, many of us have a blank wall space.

arch digest
Via Architectural Digest

7. Attic Office

This person found a great way to utilize that weird attic space some of us have and don't have an idea what to do with.

Via Lonny

8. Palette Desk

This DIY palette desk takes up a tiny amount of space, but it's still plenty of room to get work done.

Pre nons
Via Pre Nons Les Temps

9. Luxury Closet Office

A blogger turned this closet into a comfy and luxurious work space. If you have the space and means to create something like this, do it!

Via Whimages

10. Bright and Simple

This office is like a blank slate with a few pops of color and personality. It takes up a small amount of space, but remains separate from the rest of the room.

Emma Hos
Via Emma Hos

11. Simple and Stylish

This work space is simple and functional with a touch of style.

bethany 2
Via Bethany Nauert

12. Vertical Office

Now this is a great utilization of a small space! This office is small, functional, and personal.

Crate and Barrel
Via Crate and Barrel

What About You?

If you don't already have a separate work space in your home, I hope this blog has inspired you to find room and to try to put together your own little office oasis! Do you have an awesome home office space? Have you utilized your space creativity? Share your space with us!

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