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Dose of Inspiration: 10 Examples of Persuasive Product Photography

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Inspiration Fuels Imagination

Welcome to our month long blog series, “Dose of Inspiration”. There will be a new blog every week full of ideas and images meant to inspire you and ignite your passion for what you do!

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This weeks blog will feature inspired product photography.

Dose of Inspiration: Part 3
10 Persuasive Product Photographs

When it comes to marketing and sales, image is everything. I am not just talking about your brand's image, or even your image as the owner. I am talking specifically about product imagery. Product photography, and how you present your products to the public, can have a huge impact on your ability to sell that product, especially online. Since we live in the world of eCommerce, a image is worth a thousand words.

You should be using you product photography as an opportunity to sell. It's not about just getting all the angles, though that does help. The best product photography evokes a positive feeling for the online consumer. It creates an emotional connection to the product. Can the consumer imagine themselves wearing or using your product? Do they want to be part of the imagery you are presenting?

If you can create a connection to a desirable emotion or lifestyle in your photos that appeals to your target market, you are golden!

Check out these 10 product photos that do just that.

1. Valchemy Lab (Via Urban Outfitters)

This simple and borderline plain looking product was turned into something beautiful and fanciful through the use of it's deconstructed elements.


2. Free People

This triptych of blue jean overalls gives off a distinguishable airy vintage feel. The photos referemce back to a more simple time, much like the style itself.

Free People

3. Roxy

Roxy really appeals to their target market by creating environments and feelings in their product photography that leaves the customer wanting to BE that girl, in that place, in that suit. It's a perfect example of product photography evoking an emotion, and a desire to obtain the lifestyle associated with the product.


4. The Greater Goods

Sometimes something simple works best. Sometimes handmade and homemade products speak for themselves! The craftsmanship and artistry is there, waiting to captured by film. The addition of simple, yet complimentary background can be enough.


5. Woodzee

Bright, fun, quirky, and cool! These photos jump out at you and make you want to join in the fun.


6. Patagonia

One way to help customers envision themselves with your products, is to show your products in action! It's a great way to transport the customer to their ideal environment.


7. Five Olive Oil

Simple yet luxurious. Muted yet sophisticated. Well composed with an air of exclusivity. Does it make you want to try it?


8. Sweet Protection

Here's another great example of a product in action. It's almost impossible to look at these photos of these helmets in action and not feel at least a little bit thrilled.


9. Billabong

Product collages can help set a mood that customers attach to the products. This one created for billabong is a great example.


10. Nasty Gal

Adding small props or accessories can make a big impact. They can help set a scene and style an item to sell!


What About Yours?

Have you come across any product photography that you find to be inspiring or especially good? Do you feel like your product photography could be inspiring to others? Share with us in the comments below!

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