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Beginner’s Photoshop Tutorial Roundup

Photoshop Tutorials

Diving into Photoshop as a beginner can be intimidating. It seems simple enough, but once you get in there it’s like being lost at sea. There are so many possibilities with Photoshop, but you have to unlock them. Think of it a design quest, and the reward is being able to make your ideas come to life. Do you accept? If so, check out the collection of video tutorials below to get started.

Image Requirements

At the most basic level, before you can create amazing designs, you need to learn how to set up your work space correctly. We are talking about color profiles, dpi, file types, and all of the basic but essential tools you need to have a good understanding of to get started.

Check / Set Resolution (DPI) In Photoshop CC

Check / Set Color Profile (CMYK vs RGB) In Photoshop CC

CMYK vs RGB - What’s The Difference?

Basic Design

Here are some step by step tutorials explaining some basic skills you will need to create artwork for print. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy! Practice makes perfect.

Remove A Background In Photoshop

Rasterize Fonts In Photoshop

Merging vs Flattening Photoshop

Want More?

Do you want to see more? Let us know in the comment section below what kind of tutorials you would like to see! If you are looking for even more tutorials, Adobe has a large collection of free Photoshop tutorials.

Also check out our Youtube page for even more quick and easy how-to videos!

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