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Why Use Shopify for Selling T-shirts

We get asked all the time by entrepreneurs who want to start selling t-shirts what platform they should use to start selling t-shirts. It isn't a choice to be taken lightly because it does take quite a bit of effort. You will need to setup your t-shirt store with all of their products along with all of the shipping settings and potentially merchant accounts. Always review a number of t-shirt e-commerce and software systems to see what is right for you before making a choice.

At Printaura we frequently recommend choosing Shopify for a few reasons. First, we are currently working on a T-Shirt Fulfillment app for Shopify. When it is done it will make getting your orders printed and shipped even easier because you won't have to worry about transferring information about your order to us or other t-shirt printer.  Second, their system is quite simple, modern and thanks to their app store it doesn't require having to hire a programmer whenever you want to make a change or improve the customer experience when shopping for t-shirts.

A few other perks are that there are no setup fees, there is a 30 day free trial, you can use your own domain name, you don't need your own hosting account.

Shopify App Store

The app store features tons of e-commerce plugins for free and paid which allows you to easily add features in just a few clicks. Some of the apps that can help you be more effective in selling t-shirts include:

Shopify Prices

Prices for selling t-shirts on Shopify are fairly reasonable. Starting out with the base plan at $29 isn't a bad move. As you grow you can easily upgrade as needed.

  • $29/mo (up to 100 SKUs, 2% transaction fee)
  • $59/mo (up to 2500 SKUs, 1% transaction fee)
  • $99/mo (up to 10,000 SKUs, 1% transaction fee)
  • $179/mo (Unlimited SKUs, 0% transaction fee)

Video about Shopify

Get Started

Get a free trial for 30 days without a credit card at Shopify.

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