How To Promote Your Products Through Social Influencers

Social Influencers Partnering up with fashion or lifestyle bloggers, established instagrammers, and popular youtubers can be a great way to promote your brand and your products. A lot of the time you can get your products out there in front of thousands of people for the price of a t-
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12 Inspiring Hang Tag Designs

What Is A Hang Tag? A hang tag is a label that hangs from a product. Hang tags come in all shapes and sizes and appear on a variety of products. Adding a hang tag to your products allows you the opportunity to build brand identity and help set your brand apart. Why Use A Hang Tag? Bra
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How To Build Your Brand Using “Pack-Ins”

What Is A “Pack-In”? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about “pack-ins” lately, so we decided it was time we wrote a blog on the subject! So what is a “pack-in”? A “pack-in” is an item you include with your shipments as a bonus! A pack-in is usually a
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Using Stickers to Promote Brand Awareness

A common mistake that businesses make is thinking that fulfilling an order should basically be the end of their interaction with a customer. In reality, shipping a customer’s order is a great opportunity to continue building a relationship with them. Every existing customer has
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Ultimate Guide to the Legal Requirements of T-Shirt Relabeling

Many t-shirt companies they want their products sold to appear to be branded whether or not they actually created the physical shirt that was printed on. In doing so many want to remove the default manufacturers tags and add your own tag to build your brand. Removing the tags is only
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Anatomy of an AWESOME clothing hang tag (+ templates!)

Anatomy of an awesome hang tag
An awesome hang tag is an important part of branding strategy.  If your tag looks cheap, customers may think that your product is of low quality. If you sell or market products at the retail level, or even if you sell clothing or accessories online, you know all too well the importanc
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