Getting Started

Check out this brief guide on how to get started using Print Aura.

Prepare / Upload Your Images

It is CRITICAL that all images be sized how you want them printed. Please review our image guidelines for information on size and format.

To prepare the artwork to display on your storefront your can create mockups. The mockup files will also be used as a reference to determine placement when we print your shirts.

You can then visit My Images to start uploading your images.

Setup Your Brand

Make sure you have setup your brand.

Return Label You can setup your return label to have your business name and your address or ours. Visit My Brand

How to place manual/sample order

Packing Slip Settings Visit My Brand to configure the packing slip.

Apps & Integrations

We feature a number of apps/integrations that allow you to add products from Print Aura to your store. When purchased by your customers the order information is automatically sent to Print Aura and the orders are printed/shipped under YOUR BRAND.

App Settings

Make sure you have set up your default app settings

Automatic Billing Authorize your account for automatic billing to have your orders get processed quicker. No need to login to pay for orders you received. Visit My Billing

Default Shipping Method If you want your orders to use the least expensive shipping method (USPS First Class) by default then visit My Brand to set First Class Shipping as default.


Looking to integrate our service into your app or e-commerce shopping cart? Get your key and read documentation to get started. Please know this is an involved process that requires you are or have access to a developer.