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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

High Quality Screen Printing

If you are looking for screen printed products shipped directly to you, we can offer high quality prints, low minimums, and unique text effects!

  • Low Minimum

  • High Quality Prints

  • Worldwide Shipping

  • Unique Print Effects

  • Unlimited Possibilities


  • Is Screen Printing Right For You?

    1. Are you looking for a metallic, fuzzy, or unconventional ink effect?
    2. Do you want a stock of your printed items to do with what you please?
    3. Are you looking for a bulk discount?

    If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, screen printing might be the right solution for you! If you'd like more information about the difference between screen printing and DTG printing, check out our blog article, "DTG Printing Vs. Screen Printing".


    Minimum Order
    We require a minimum of 50 pieces per order. A minimum is required because a unique screen has to be carefully created for each design. If you are more interested in one off prints, DTG might be a better choice.

    Color Max
    We are able to print a maximum of 16 colors per print. This is because each color must be applied individually.

    Unless otherwise arranged, our screen printing service is not an on demand fulfillment service. This simply means that we ship your entire order of printed product to one address that you supply. We do not ship out individual product to your customers as it is ordered, like we do for our DTG services. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of our team members based on certain qualifying variables.

    A $60.00 consumable materials charge is assessed for production materials on all screen-printing orders.

    Getting Started

    Getting started is easy! Please follow the steps below:

    1. Choose the item you would like to have printed (garment prices tab) Take note of the brand and item number
    2. Choose your design - keep in mind the color maximum and sizing for the garment you have chosen
    3. If desired, choose an print effect
    4. Fill out the "Screen Print Quote" form.

    From there a team member will guide you through the process and take care of you and your unique order!
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  • Printing Charge

    A $60.00 consumable materials charge is assessed for production materials on all screen-printing orders.

    Printing Prices Per Print

    Please note that prices reflect the price per image, shirts with both front and back prints are charged at 2x rate.

    Quantity 50-70 70-139 140-280 280-499 500-999 1000-2499 2500-4999 5000+
    1 Color $3.77 $2.38 $1.60 $1.46 $1.26 $0.98 $0.90 $0.82
    2 Colors $4.53 $3.14 $1.71 $1.52 $1.29 $1.04 $0.93 $0.84
    3 Colors $5.27 $3.45 $1.84 $1.57 $1.32 $1.11 $0.97 $0.89
    4 Colors $6.01 $3.76 $1.95 $1.71 $1.35 $1.17 $1.04 $0.91
    5 Colors $6.77 $4.86 $2.75 $1.92 $1.59 $1.19 $1.08 $0.98
    6 Colors $7.51 $5.24 $2.90 $1.99 $1.61 $1.24 $1.14 $1.03
    7 Colors $8.26 $5.60 3.07 $2.05 $1.64 $1.29 $1.18 $1.08
    8 Colors $9.01 $5.97 $3.22 $2.12 $1.67 $1.36 $1.31 $1.12
    9 Colors $9.75 $6.35 $4.05 $3.06 $2.17 $1.47 $1.35 $1.17
    10 Colors $10.50 $6.17 $4.23 $3.14 $2.22 $1.52 $1.39 $1.19
    11 Colors $11.25 $7.07 $4.41 $3.22 $2.26 $1.56 $1.42 $1.22
    12 Colors $12.00 $7.45 $4.61 $3.32 $2.30 $1.61 $1.43 $1.25
    13 Colors $12.74 $7.82 $4.79 $3.41 $2.57 $1.68 $1.46 $1.28
    14 Colors $13.50 $8.18 $4.97 $3.50 $2.61 $1.73 $1.50 $1.31
    15 Colors $14.24 $8.56 $5.16 $3.59 $2.66 $1.78 $1.56 $1.33
    16 Colors $14.98 $8.92 $5.35 $3.67 $2.71 $1.81 $1.61 $1.36
  • Print Effects

    Do you wish your designs could be printed with metallic, glitter, texture, or other print effects? We've got great news for you! We are offering 15 different print effects to choose from.

    Print Option Additional Price
    Foil $1.75
    Flock $2.50
    Screen Printed Neck Label $1.00
    Technical Load $0.15
    Jumbo Size (Larger than 16x18) $0.10
    Super Jumbo(Larger than 20x22 $0.20
    Waterbase $0.08
    Discharge $0.12
    High Density $0.10
    Soft Density $0.10
    Glitter Drop $0.20
    Glitter Wet $0.07
    Shimmer $0.07
    Puffy $0.08
    Gel Clear $0.10
    Over Zipper $0.20


    Print Effect Examples

    Distressed Flock

    distressed flock example


    foil example

  • Use the wizard below to display the current material price of specific products

    *The default price reflect the shirt price for sizes XL and smaller, for white items, and does not include shipping printing or processing.  Actual total price will vary based on the options you select, and for sizes 2XL and up.  Please note that there is an additional charge for printing on both sides of the shirt. Colored shirts require an under-base and therefore are included as a print color.

    Material / Garment Price: 0

    1. Chose a Product:

    2. Select a Product Color:

    Note : Sizes 2XL and above carry additional charges.

  • Before you request a quote!

    Graphic Design / Art Assistance

    We know that getting images ready for specific print methods can be challenging. That's why we've decided to offer services that can help! We can either recreate one of your current designs in a format that is acceptable for screen printing, or create a design from scratch. Our services are billed in half hour increments at the following rates:

    • Art Recreation: $55 per hour
    • Art Creation: $100 per hour


    Art Requirements

    Please follow our requirements carefully. Art charges will be incurred if artwork you provide needs to be formatted, reconstructed, or color separated. The estimated artwork cost will be included in your quote. A guide to creating screen print ready files can be found at Smashing Magazine

    Acceptable File Formats

    The design must be either vector art or a high resolution raster file which has been color separated.

    Vector Files
    Vector art means the design was built (actually drawn) in a vector based program such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. Each object in a vector file can be selected and individually manipulated independently from the rest of the images in the design.

    Acceptable formats for vector files are:

    • .AI
    • .EPS
    • .SVG

    It is very important when saving a vector file to convert the text to “outlines” or “curves” depending on the program. This is an option in vector based programs that changes the fonts used in the design into an object. This way the computer won’t substitute a font for the font that was intended.

    Raster Files
    Most common raster file formats are acceptable so long as the images are color separated. Example formats are:

    • .TIFF
    • .PNG
    • .JPEG

    Raster art or photo realistic art is art that is scanned into or created in a Pixel based program such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or Photopaint. The quality of raster art is dictated by a combination of the resolution (DPI-dot per inch) and the size of the art. The minimum requirement for raster art is 200 DPI at the size you want the art to be printed. An example for a front print on a t-shirt may be 12” wide by 8” tall at 200 DPI.

    Please be aware that most images downloaded from the internet are not of the necessary size to produce quality prints. The image at 1 to 1 scale under 200 DPI will not print well.