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Sales Tax

All orders that are shipped to California are subject to California sales tax unless you provide a valid California Resale Certificate. To avoid being charged tax on orders that ship to California you must have a valid California resale license and provide a signed copy of the resale certificate. Here is information on the California resale certificate. Orders that require tax collection is on the print/product/additional services (i.e. tag application/removal/rush orders etc) but not the shipping charge. The sale tax rate is currently 7.5% in California and 8.5% in Sacramento County.

Your options are

1. Get a California Resale Certification AND collect sales tax from your customers who are shipping products to California and then pay that tax to California.


Orders submitted through our integrations (i.e. Shopify, Storenvy etc):  Printaura will charge you California Sales tax (7.5%) on the sale price of the items in your store.

Orders submitted through our manual order form: Printaura will collect the California sales tax on the the cost of the order plus 10%. Printaura pays Board of Equalization the sales tax. This is the amount required by California when we don't know the final sale price of the item you sold to your customer. So for example we may charge you $12 total for a shirt but you may sell it for $18 on your website but we have no way of knowing that if you placed the order manually. For that reason we are required to just add 10% to the wholesale price we charge you. For example If a printed product on Printaura costs $10, Printaura will add 10% to the $10 and charge you sales tax on $11.