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Payment Process

Printaura's payment process is very simple! You make a sale, you get paid by your customer, then you pay us to fulfill that order for you. They are two separate billing transactions but they can be completely automated.

Payment Process




Billing Options

In order for us to be able to fulfill your customer's order, we need to receive payment. We accept most major credit cards and Paypal.

Setup Automatic Payments

You can setup auto payments and not have to worry about a thing. When the order enters Printaura we will charge your credit card or Paypal account for the exact amount of the order. Setup Auto Payments

Manually Deposit Funds

If an order is sent to us and you do not have automatic billing setup we will send you an email that your order will be on hold and not processed until payment is made. You will be prompted to deposit funds into your Printaura account by credit card or Paypal.