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What's in a Printaura Package?


You might be wondering, "What will my customers receive in their packages shipped from Printaura"? The contents of the packages vary depending on what options you have selected in our branding services. For this example, we will include what is shipped in a basic package with no branding services activated.

The Shipping Package

Most garments are shipped in white polymailers. A shipping label is added that will have a return label featuring your business name and either your address or ours depending on your settings. package-image

What's Inside Of The Package:

A Garment Care Card

We include a complimentary garment care card with all of the items that garment care applies to. This will instruct your customer how to care for their items to keep them in great shape for a long time. Garment Care Card

A Custom Packing Slip

The slip will include you brand's logo if you have uploaded one, along with the product information and order information. Once again, this packing slip will appear as if it was generated by you, not Printaura. packingslip2

The Item The Customer Ordered

The main star of the package! The Item copy

Optional Branding Services

Along with the above, you can activate a variety of branding services to include more items in your shipments.

Check out our branding services page to learn more about all of our options.