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Welcome to Printaura's CSV order import tool. The CSV Upload Tool allows you to upload an order in the form of a CSV file. A CSV file, or comma-separated values file, is perhaps the first common way to exchange large sets of data between different systems. The file itself is nothing more than a text file with some agreed-upon rules. Most data storage systems provide CSV export functionality.

In order to get started, we first need to get hooked in to the API. Your API key and hash can be found here.

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Great! Now we need to establish some things about your CSV file.

Your file must contain only one record per line, and the first record must consist of field names that map subsequent records to our system. That is to say, the first row in your file should be the column names.

The Printaura field/column names, in no particular order, are:

Shipping Address (required)

  • customer_name (required): Customer name.
  • address1 (required): address1 .
  • address2 (optional): address2 .
  • city (required): City .
  • state (required): State/Province.
  • zip_code (required): Zip Code.
  • country (required): Country.
  • customer_phone (required): Customer Phone (required only for International orders).

Order details (required) For EACH order please specify:

  • parent_order_id (required): to map to a parent order.
  • brand (required): Brand name .
  • product (optional): Product name .
  • color (required): color .
  • size (required): size.
  • quantity (required): quantity.
  • front_print: File name of the front design image for printing.
  • back_print: File name of the back design image for printing.
  • front_mockup: File name of the mockup image for showcasing the front.
  • back_mockup: File name of the mockup image for showcasing the back.
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