Print Aura Dashboard

Getting Started with Printaura

1. Prepare / Upload Your Images

It is CRITICAL that all images be sized how you want them printed. Please review our image guidelines for information on size and format.

To prepare the artwork to display on your storefront your can view and download our T-Shirt mockup files files. The mockup files will also be used as a reference to determine placement when we print your shirts.

You can then visit My Images to start uploading your images.

2. Setup Your Brand

Return Label - You can setup your return label to have your business name and your address or ours. Visit My Brand

Packing Slip Settings - You can upload your logo, your customer service information as well as a custom message that appears on the bottom of the packing slip. Visit My Brand to configure the packing slip.


3. Setup Your Billing Preferences

Make sure to visit My Billing to setup how you want to be charged for orders that Printaura fulfills.

4. Add Products

From the Printaura app you add your products by choosing the product type, the colors, title, description and price.  Also choose which images you want us to print your custom product with and the images you want to display in your store. You can also manage your products at any time and edit the details. View our price wizard or list of You can view all available products for print on demand.