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Authorize/Cancel Auto Payment

If you are using a Printaura APP or API you can authorize Paypal or Stripe to automatically bill for all orders that are placed with Printaura. Once it you have authorized payment you will be billed for each individual order at the time it enters the Printaura system and your order will start processing. If you don't authorize auto payment, new orders comes in it will be on HOLD and won't be processed until you deposit funds manually.

Auto Payment Method

AutoPayment method:


Your Balance

If you have deposited funds manually into your Printaura account or received a volume bonus those funds will appear here until used by orders.

Available: $0.00

Manually Deposit Funds

If you don't want to pay for orders automatically or you have orders on hold that need to be paid for you can manually deposit funds to your Printaura account below:


I would like to deposit: (Min: $10.00) Amount to send:

$$10.00 USD

(Balance after deposit: $10.00)


Deposit Money


Withdrawal Request

You can withdraw funds back to your Paypal account but there is a $1.00 charge per withdrawal. To Withdraw, please Contact us